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Naked City While out on Sunday morning I noticed this dapper city dweller out for a walk and began to wonder what is his story in the Naked City.

Is he leaving or arriving?   Is he on a mission or just out for a bagel with a schmear and the Sunday paper?

Do you know?

All stories will be welcome.


New YorkerNew YorkerOut for a walk.

(Alan Stein Photography) City Dapper Gent Naked Naked city Schmear Sunday Wed, 25 Mar 2015 01:27:30 GMT
Take notice Take notice of the small things

... a leaf

... a brick

...a smile

...a hug

they matter.

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Memories matter We are defined by our cumulative experiences and memories.  Photographs reflect shapes, light and colors captured in small slices of time.  They bring to mind sounds, touches and smells and remind us of friends and family.   Memories matter.   Make yours fun.

 - Alan

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